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Save Children From Trauma and Abuse

I have worked with a considerable amount of children, teens, and adults with trauma histories, including sexual abuse. Some of these individuals have presented accounts of horrific abuse. It is deeply, intrinsically satisfying to have clients who are victims of abuse, trust and open up with me.

Individuals who have been hurt, betrayed and abused have the right to be angry and resentful. These are normal reactions and emotions when feeling the crushed spirit that can come from being disrespected or abused. If not dealt with, such angry reactions can damage personal health on several levels: These include killer cell cytotoxicity, autoimmune suppression, disruption of personal relationships, Acute Coronary Syndrome, and consequently increased mortality.

My old Friend Robert Grant, Ph.D., a lecturer on traumatized individuals who experienced military horrors, 9-11-2001 stress, the aftermath of violent crime, and the painful baggage of sexual abuse, states “Suffering is the only thing powerful enough to wake you up to reality.”

Working through trauma can be a very long, painful road. I have seen over and over from my counseling clients who are victims of abuse, that it is crucial that they work through the stages of anger and forgiveness, to move forward in the healing process.

From this experience and through various tests, I am convinced that if these children are protected from this kind of abuse at a young age,  we would have a society free of hate and crime in the name of Love.  I initiated this cause and its what drives me and keep me working all day and all night.  I encourage you to think about this and if you really care about a community full of Love no matter where in the world, you should give a hand.

In Africa, it’s worse than other continents, due to a huge number of factors that would take more than enough pages to write. Please take heart and Donate to this cause.

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