Jealousy Igniter Candle Spell


Jealousy is about them and it burns with a steady flame.

Their thoughts should be of you, not someone else, or something else. You may be better than someone else, and your love should think of only you. This Jealousy Igniter Candle Spell will make the person of your choice feel the pangs of envy, devotion or possessiveness that you desire.

Just a few examples of situations where this Candle Spell can help:

  • You desire someone to feel jealous of your attention for someone else.
  • Your heart’s desire has lost interest, and does not see you for your worth.
  • The person you care for may be with someone else, and you need them to feel for you strongly again.
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    For this Routine, a candle of the Celestial color will be lit for your target, and your own Celestial Candle will be near. Your candlelight will burn with brightness, and their candlelight will burn with a deep and consistent flame of jealousy, send these emotions to the spirits and your target.

    Jealousy Igniter Candle Light Spell

    NOTE: This Spell is Cast in your place by Mukuru, who will prepare the candle lights and Cast the Routine. The appeal from the candle lights can be delivered to you.

    Additional information

    Select Casting Strength

    Single Cast, Triple Cast, Urgent Cast

    Single Cast

    A Single Cast is simple, effective, and the most basic of our Cast Strengths. It takes on easier situations, where all is needed is a push in the right direction.

    Triple Cast

    A Triple Cast is our most popular solution for most issues. The Spell is Cast thrice (three times) by your chosen Master Witch, over 3 consecutive days. This Casting is often underestimated, as it can usually handle very complicated situations.

    Urgent Cast

    An Urgent Cast is for conditions that need immediate attention. Although this Strength Level will not make the Spell work faster, your Spell will be Cast within 36 hours of ordering rather than the usual scheduling and postal delay of 2 or 3 weeks.


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