Small Business Success Combo Spell


Success at any scale.

Just a few examples of situations where the Small Business Success Combo Spell can help:

  • You know your business idea is sound, and just needs a kick.
  • You suspect that your plan should be doing better, and want to remove obstacles.
  • You, just like most people, have been hit by the poor economy and can use a boost.
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Are you having some difficulties in getting your organization off of the ground? Are the complexities of the modern financial system excessive to deal with? If you feel that you have a sound strategy, which your service should be broadening and growing, but is not, we have something for you.

By customizing and integrating the Aura Cleansing, the Barrier Blaster Spell, the Competitive Edge Spell, and the Financial Freedom Spell, Cormac has created the Small company Success Combination Spell that might provide your company the edge in this unsteady market. A great concept isn’t enough. You owe it to yourself, your employees, and your motivation to make use of every possible advantage and chance.

The Small Business Success Combo Spell could assist your organization by getting rid of challenges that impede development, directing you toward economic and financial success, and keeping competition at bay. The Spell could likewise draw clients, investors, and other allies into your circle, increasing your chances of success. Think of it as a Spiritual consulting package. You can’t phony Magick, so you might too outsource it.

Additional information

Select Casting Strength

Single Cast, Triple Cast, Urgent Cast

Single Cast

A Single Cast is simple, effective, and the most basic of our Cast Strengths. It takes on easier situations, where all is needed is a push in the right direction.

Triple Cast

A Triple Cast is our most popular solution for most issues. The Spell is Cast thrice (three times) by your chosen Master Witch, over 3 consecutive days. This Casting is often underestimated, as it can usually handle very complicated situations.

Urgent Cast

An Urgent Cast is for conditions that need immediate attention. Although this Strength Level will not make the Spell work faster, your Spell will be Cast within 36 hours of ordering rather than the usual scheduling and postal delay of 2 or 3 weeks.


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